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Fay McDonald

Fay McDonald

One of Mike Giles most famous creations is this beauty N. Fay McDonald released in 2010. This beauty which is one of the very few "Blue" winter hardy flowers available even to this day. Fay McDonald is a very floriferous, highly fragrant flower that in the heat of the summer with often make up to 7 flowers at a time on 1 plant that stand 4-7" off the waters surface. The compact rhyzome on Fay McDonald means you can plant it in a smaller pot. The roots do reach deep so, it is reccomneded to plant in a taller pot also with this hybrid. It is suggest to give 5 or more hours of full sun every day with early morning light playing a big part in the success of more blooms. 


This lily is very similar looking to N. Purple Lucent. The differences are that Fay McDonald has orange stamens, and the Sinus of the pads are closed. While Purple Lucent the Stamens are yellow, and the Sinus on the pads are usually open.

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