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Diobelle New

Diobelle New

A hand selected variety from our Florian Henaux collection that we are able to put up for sale now! This amazing large yellow flower that stands high off the waters surface, that can get variations of color in the tips of older flowers. The pads are equally beautiful as the flowers on this stunning lily. The best part is this is a winter tollerant ISG that safely can winter through USDA zones 6-10. But is possible in the right conditions to handle into zone 5 and lower. 


Diobelle is a large lily and with all large lilies the bigger the soil base the happier the plant. Minimum size reccomended pot is 3 gallons. Plant in the center of the pot as the new plants stay near the crown. Give full sun starting early morning ideally as the flower is typically closed by 4pm.  

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