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Alice Henaux

Alice Henaux

One of the most special of all the new virieties of ISG's available now in the world. This is the very limited and extremely gorgeous double petaled flowers of lavender pink petals that fade to yellow in the center. The pads are beautiful large green pads that almost seem to have a blue glow to them. 


Alice Henaux is a large hybrid and needs lots of space with a suggested 7-Foot area. Plant in a large circular container of 20" width or wider. Plant this lily in a depth range of 10"-28" from soil to surface. The deeper you plant the lily the bigger the flowers can be. This lily will send roots deeper so if you can give a soil depth of 9" or more, It will help with healthier growth. This lily loves all day full sun. The flowers open early morning so early light is reccomended . Safely hardy in USDA zones 6-10. It can survive in zone 5 if you have a inground pond that can keep from freezing down to close to the rhizome. 

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