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A fantastic new hybrid from Timo Gabriel of Germany . This is a rather large plant in comparison to most red hardy varieties. The flowers are a very uniform deeply saturated color with a almost purple undertone in the red with an average flower size of 6". The pads are a rusty maroon coloration that will fade to a darker green as they age. Aaiko is a very good bloomer all season long and is quite the show piece. 


Plant Aaiko in a large rectangular container 2 feet or longer as the rhyzome will grow quite large. Give a 5 foot radius growth area and plant at a depth  range of 12-30" from soil to surface. 

  • Shipping and Handling

    We ship flat-rate USPS Priority for $20.00 which includes from one (1) to five (5) plants.

    USPS Priority shipping is typically 1-3 days however it is not guaranteed and can take up to a week to 10 days depending on weather, etc.

    Orders are shipped on Mondays unless there is a federal holiday then orders will ship on Tuesday.

  • What to Expect

    We ship lilies bare root with three (3) pads and a flower, if possible.

    We include special fertilizer.

  • Returns and Refunds

    Guarantee live delivery only

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